Internet Protection You Can Count On

Is there really any such thing as internet protection you can count on? This is a question which thousands of business managers, independent contractors, and corporate security managers are constantly concerned with. The reason for this is the fact that securing databases connected to the internet becomes a more complex task every day. With each new security measure or defense that one set of technicians devise, new malware to override or circumvent those measures appears. And it seems that these new forms of attack are developed almost the instant the newest security countermeasure has just been bundled. While not literally true, it is a fact that antivirus software does not remain fully effective for very long.

The new cyber environment of cloud computing presents new opportunities in data exchange, interactivity, and online commerce. Since new opportunities for cyber crime and attacks are also made available, securing virtual space involves a new approach to the problem. At the core of this approach is a solution created to make IT management simpler.

Within a private, securely encrypted cloud, all of a company’s data can be stored within partitioned virtual zones accessible only through an encrypted gateway. Maintained on multiple secure servers, continual backup of vital data and sensitive files becomes possible in addition to hosting all working software the business runs on. The security technicians at each data center continually scan for potential trojan horse attachments on all e-mails. With continual updating of antivirus software, attacks can be blocked before they pass through into the private cloud.

Even if an attack does succeed in getting through and the worst happens, the backup files represent another level of defense. All of a client’s cyber assets can be reconstructed from the information stored in the protected archives. In the event of a successful cyber attack, the infected database can be wiped and its copy reloaded to the client’s cloudspace. With daily backups to support it, the loss of data would be minimal at best, and a client can have a virtually complete database available any time. This multi-layered protection philosophy successfully defends the client’s most vital electronic assets from attack and loss by hackers. Clients can rest assured that their most precious files are fully protected at all times.